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"My web-site, hosted by Yahoo, provides visitor statistics in a pie-graph that clearly shows, on average, 1/3 of my visitors migrate from Romance Books 4 Us' web site to my site. My Sultry Summers page at Romance Books '4' Us is one of my best monthly promotion investments." Sultry Summers

"i've had a page at RB4U since 2012--it's great! I can show my event schedule for the month, as well as post current news, so it doesn't remain static. Thanks for everything!" M. S. Spencer

"Authors are always looking for a way to connect with readers. Last fall, I had an opportunity to obtain an author page on at a special holiday rate. I'd heard of RB4U before but didn't really know if any advertising there would be effective. After all, there are scores of websites now that purport to have an amazing marketing reach. Much to my delight, RB4U really did help me connect with new readers. WordPlay, my subscription newsletter, has a place for the subscriber to say how he or she found WordPlay. Almost from the beginning, subscribers started to say they found my newsletter via Romance Books 4 Us. The number of subscribers is increasing with many of them citing RB4U website. Even better, I've had emails from readers who found me via RB4U. Needless to say, I've kept my author page on RB4U ever since. They really are an effective marketing tool!"
Joan Reeves

"Your  site has given me more sales than any other promotional sites I've been with.  So I'm going to be sticking around!"
Mary Martinez