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Sultry Summers

Living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains has been a new experience these past four years after living in the more tropical heat of South Florida. More of an adjustment than expected. Lots of ideas to write and more time daydreaming without much on paper. Seems like that has passed and with it my writing has change a bit. Whereas I once wrote more by the seat of my pants, I now approach writing with a more structured view. Then who is to say that might have happened even down south.

Now it is time to get those ideas down on 'paper' and out to my readers, and they are coming! My imagination has kicked back in and with that new 'structured' approach I hope to be comfortable writing more productively, if I can just stop staring out the window at those beautiful mountains that are even now changing into their fall hues. I've had my paintbrush out some as of late and rediscovered that talent as well, can't write all of the time. That tends to fry one's mind after a while.

With fall coming followed by the dreaded winter, I hope to write more. I've crowded some house-plants into my office to green-up the place. Now, to keep the cats from eating them… I'll just have to stay in the office more - and write.

Sultry Summers
Erotic (but sometimes cooler to sensual and sometimes a little hotter) science fiction, fantasy, contemporary
                                                      Atlantis Vortex                                             

Did Atlantis exist? Had she found an entrance? Discovering a small, ancient Egyptian pyramid in a most unlike place, Southern Florida, Archaeologist Jessica Carter is confronted with history alerting questions. Excavating the mysterious entrance Jessica becomes the nexus of a series of life threatening incidents. Each event grows more baffling, as do the interventions that save her. Finally an earthquake collapses the pyramid, followed by a hurricane that buries it, ending her excavation, and the military providing security, recalls her to active duty. Jessica fears her career is over.

But her discovery leads her into the arms of the man who has haunted her dreams and her excavation. Her memory of him, securely locked in her subconscious, begins to re-emerge. Xerxes has held her heart unconsciously captive since he rescued Jessica and her family several years earlier. As High Lord of Atlantis, he was forced to cloud their memories to conceal his identity and that of the under-water civilization he is charged to protect. Jessica's discovery forces him to destroy the entrance. Now he will steal her away to Atlantis, and take Jessica as his wife to ensure her silence. However, a traitor inside his council threatens Atlantis and puts Jessica's life in deadly peril. With help from his brother, ruler of Pacifica, and an off-world ambassador, Xerxes risks all to rescue the only woman he loves from the traitor before it's too late. (please note there is no "." after the three www's in the blog spot link.)
Atlantis! One of my favorite subjects. What a great “legend”, or is it a legend?

As you can imagine, I did quite a bit of research on the subject while writing Atlantis Vortex. However, I must admit growing up in Florida, so close to the Devil’s Triangle, with a constant supply of stories about that mysterious place kept my imagination busy.
Having lived on the central east coast of Florida, some call the Treasure Coast and well inside the Devil’s Triangle, or the Bermuda Triangle helped. This is where the famous Spanish Treasure Fleet was lost in a monstrous hurricane in 1715. Today’s treasure hunters comb the waters of this area.

Currently there is an excavation going on just off Ft. Pierce’s beach in thirty to fifty feet of water on a sunken Spanish Galleon. Damned, if it is not right over an area my family use to snorkel. We never saw a clue it was there, and no other snorkelers or divers did either. Why? Bad Luck? No, just one of the more recent hurricanes revealed it, and of course, a treasure hunter researched the area and had the detection gear to locate it. Sometimes a beachcomber will find a piece-of-eight of a gold coin. We weren’t so lucky.

All the stories of shipwrecks, mysterious disappearances of boats, and aircraft, together with the bizarre tales of compasses that go haywire in other nautical vessels and aircrafts lend to the aura of the area. On the north side of the cut of Jupiter inlet, stands one of the last remaining lighthouses on the East Coast of the U.S.  (A cut is just that, a place where the barrier island has been cut, dredged, and the sides supported by huge chunks of rocks to keep the sea from reclaiming the opening of the inlet into the inter-coastal waterway.)

As with most lighthouses, it stands as navigation landmark and it too has a spooky story that goes with it. It is supposed to be haunted. Every night the light in the famous red lighthouse comes on to warn ships and boats as far away as fifty miles out to sea that the water becomes shallow near the coast of Florida. However, closer in, on the land around the majestic beacon the windows open to let light into the structure. A glow is sometimes seen, emitted through windows on different levels, as if someone with a lantern were walking up or down the inside stairs. The tale says it is the children of one of the lighthouse’s previous operators that were killed there. It does not say how.

When we became residence of this area, both my husband and I had already dove several of the reefs and the shipwreck, the Mitzpah that is sunken in ninety feet of water just past the inlet. After our daughter was born, we pretty much became snorkelers, and stuck to the beautiful reefs, enjoying them by free diving in the crystal blue-green waters. Many of the reefs come right up to the beach and people hunt for lobster in snorkel gear. In this area are also large stones that appear to be cut into wide roadways like the ones found in about the same depth of water off Bimini back in the sixties and are considered to possibly be an indication of lost Atlantis.

Much of this material added to the writing of Atlantis Vortex.
Now that I have let you all in on some of how Atlantis Vortex came about, it may give you a little insight on the area most of it is written about. The setting and area influences the attitude of the characters and their perceptions.

Atlantis Vortex, from its conception is a special book for me. Therefore, I decided to celebrate Atlantis Vortex’s anniversary month.
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