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Sultry Summers

Erotic (but sometimes cooler to sensual and sometimes a little hotter) science fiction, fantasy, contemporary
                          Just Re-released Blood of the Ruby Throne

Desperate to save her world, Empress Zera considers joining Sarc, Lord of Alphxorn. The man subdued her military and now dares to propose marriage. Unless their worlds unify, they face defeat by vicious rag-tag space pirates. But what if this is a ploy? What if Sarc is collaborating with Kudious, the sadistic and brutal pirate leader?

With the heirloom sword of her foremothers, Zera defends her sovereignty. Prophecy states the sword is bound by blood to her true mate. When she draws Sarc's blood, the weapon cedes confirmation of their union and her defeat. Will she command at Sarc's side or serve as his slave? What does the desire in Sarc's gaze promise?

When the pirate lord prepares to attack in full force, Zera must decide. Does she gamble her world's fate and join with Sarc? Or take her chances fighting pirates alone?

Because if Kudious triumphs, Zera's freedom--and her world--are lost. But even with the might of both her armies and Sarc's, will they stop the pirates, or concede the Ruby Throne...
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Blood of the Ruby Throne 

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It's been awhile, about four years, since I last published. I hope those who have, in the past, read my works haven't forgotten me. Since then I've moved a couple of times, have had a few adventures and have finally found home. My husband, daughter, two dogs and several cats, have settled into a cute little bump-in-the-road town in Eastern Tennessee. Our valley is so tucked away in between mountain ridges our cell phones don't receive necessitating a landline and satellite everything else. I know for sure the rock wall in our backyard that serves as property divider is Civil War era. It's a great place for my wayward imagination. Seriously, I think we have fae frequenting the backyard and at night I expect to see a UFO land in the hayfield I can see out the front bay-windows.
Though I have kept my website up and running, until about a year ago I've had a major writer's block that I managed to move past. I also made the decision to Indie publish. While I do have one book, Tail of the Dragon, which remains with Decadent Publishing, I have withdrawn my other works. Over the next months, I plan to republish them beginning with Blood of the Ruby Throne. The others will follow after I've revisited them. With the assistance of a wonderful editor, I have had the pleasure to work with, you will see them re-released. I also have several new works coming, as well as a series I've been working on for a long time.

I've missed being an active author and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!