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Sandy Loyd
Romances With Twists

Sandy Loyd is a Western girl through and through. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, she's worked and lived in some fabulous places in the US, including South Florida. An empty nester, she now resides in Kentucky and writes full time in several romance genres, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, & historical romance. As much as she loves her current hometown, she misses the mountains and has to go back to her roots to get her mountain fix at least once a year. Otherwise her muse suffers.

She spent her single years in San Francisco and considers that city one of America's treasures, comparable to no other city in the world. Her California Series, starting out with Winter Interlude, are all set in the Bay Area. Her series consists of fun, heartwarming stories about crazy friends who, like single people everywhere, are seeking that someone special to share their lives with among thousands of eligible candidates.

Sandy's first published first romantic suspense novel, The Sin Factor, book one in the DC Badboys Series, is set in another wonderful US city, Washington, DC. Raising the Stakes, book two takes place in Las Vegas.

She has since published two more romantic suspense novels set in fictional towns in Kentucky to give a reader a feel for small-town living. Running From Love's setting showcases the state's caves and lakes.

In total, Sandy has published close to two dozen novels, all with heart-stopping suspense and full of the twists and turns she loves, plus the romance that makes the world go 'round.
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Historical and Paranormal Time Travel
Currently, she's working on the fourth book in the Timeless Series. She's also working on the fifth book in the California Series.

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                                              A Matter of Trust

Tired of living in fear of an abusive ex, Cat Tyler takes charge of her life by learning to fly. When her cross-country flight ends in a forced landing, she finds herself trapped in the Montana wilderness with her flight instructor-a jerk who’s been riding her butt since she first stepped into the cockpit, and she doesn't appreciate her growing attraction to him. To make matters worse, someone is trying to kill them.

While spiriting Cat away to safety, ex-CIA operative, Josh Buchannan, discovers that their pasts connect. A failed mission, one he’s tried to forget, killed Cat’s parents, and he wonders if this is her twisted way of getting revenge. Josh can’t trust Cat, but he will protect her.

As they work together to uncover the truth, they must stay alive long enough to reveal the newest threat to western civilization. If they make it out alive, they’ll have to come to grips with their pasts in order to create a relationship built on mutual trust for their future.