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Summer Nights of Delight Excerpt:
Surrender her Inhibitions
by Nicole Morgan


Surrender Her Inhibitions

Hopping in an elevator just before the doors closed she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply as she leaned against the back wall. Her relief was short lived as she felt an ominous presence and her eyes opened to see someone standing behind her in the mirror.

She swung around to face him. She was ready for some sort of altercation, hoping against hope that she remembered any of the self-defense training she'd spent months receiving.

"Hello, Sofia."

Squinting her eyes, she stared up at the man. His green eyes bore down on her like a predator who had just claimed his prey. She'd seen those eyes before, seen those same darting promises piercing her until she could no longer move. 

“You.” She whispered.


“What… what are you doing here?”

Her words came out far too breathless than she had intended. She’d walked out on J.T. years earlier for this very reason. For some reason unbeknownst to her, she couldn’t talk much less function when he was around. Their one night meeting had contained far too much alcohol and her nearly turning into a woman that she wasn’t.

“Never mind what I’m doing here. What are you doing here?” he asked.

His voice. Oh, God!

How could she have forgotten how deep and seductive he sounded? This wasn’t good. This wasn’t good at all. She had to get out of this elevator and away from him.

“I’m in town on business. On a case. I’m -,”

He moved forward closing what little distance there was between them. “Hmm. I seem to recall the last time we crossed paths you were on a case too. Only you didn’t exactly leave me on the best of terms.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I left you a note.”

The elevator chimed and the doors opened. A surprised couple was about to step inside from the lobby when J.T. snapped that their car was full before abruptly closing the doors.

“Which floor?” he asked.


Sophia instantly regretted answering as soon as she had. She didn't want him to go upstairs with her. Something about his glare and body language told her she wasn't going to have much of a choice in the matter, though.

He pressed the button and turned back toward her. The bottle of wine still in his hand as though he was either going to drink it or pour it all over her body. 

“Now, about your note.”

“Okay, I’ll admit that probably wasn’t the best way to handle it.” She hoped a more sincere apology would get him to leave her alone.

Maybe not the best way to handle it? Maybe?”

“Look, I -.”

"No, you look. It was shitty. You told me to take a shower so you could slip into something more comfortable and then you high-tail it out of there? And this was after you spent all night getting me worked up. It's not about the tease, babe. Lots of women tease. And I respect a woman's right to change her mind. I get that. It's about the game. I don't like them. And I don't like being played with. So you mind telling me just what in the hell that was that night? Because you didn’t change your mind that night. You wanted me. I know you did.”

His first few sentences had her believing he was a pretty decent guy. Then he followed it up with the same cocky arrogance she remembered from that night and it all came flooding back to her just how right she was to run out of him.

“Is that so?”

The doors opened to the twenty-first floor and Sophia felt an ounce of courage she hadn’t moments earlier. She pushed him aside and took a right toward her room.

She could feel his heavy footsteps following behind her. The warmth of his body seemed to radiate her entire backside as she came to a stop in front of her door.


Digging through her purse for her key card she glanced over her shoulder. “Yes what?”

“Yes, you wanted me.”

“Don’t be so sure of yourself, J.T. I left didn’t I?”

His breath tickled the side of her neck as he whispered. “You wanted me then just like you want me right now.”