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Reggi Allder
Love Always Deserves a Chance

                                            HER COUNTRY HEART
                        Sierra Creek Small Town Big Love Book 1

Goodreads Reviews “It's so emotional it is well worth reading all
the way through. I love it!!! I can't wait for the next one!

Ever wonder what happened to your high school crush?

Why is Amy Long attracted to the only man who can prevent her from achieving her dream?

She needs a fresh start. After years of living in the city, she returns
to Sierra Creek. Does she belong in the small town?

Cowboy Wyatt Cameron doesn’t think so. As half owner of her farm
and executor of her grandmother’s will, he’s promised to sell the place and send Amy packing, back to the city where she belongs.

What can she offer to change his mind?
Will sparks fly without breaking a heart?

HIS COUNTRY HEART coming soon.
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Money Power and Poison LINK
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Her Country Heart LINK
Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense
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Dreams and Promises Love Lose and Redemption in a
Land of Infinite Promise

An anthology including USA Today and Bestselling authors and
others who tell short stories and novellas of love.

Included: “With Glowing Hearts” by Reggi Allder.

Would you leave everything to follow the man you love?
An air force pilot and a nurse meet in London during the Blitz. Can
the love that blossoms between them survive the ravages of war?

HIS COUNTRY HEART Sierra Creek book 2 coming soon.
Will Wedding Bells Ring in Sierra Creek?
Amy Long finds the perfect man in gorgeous rodeo champion Wyatt
Cameron. After only a few months, she promises to marry him. Is it
all happening too fast? She married in haste the first time; a terrible
mistake. Now a single mother, she can't make another misstep.
Should she listen to the little voice in her head telling her to stop or
should she listen to her heart?
Once a confirmed bachelor, all Wyatt can think about is making Amy
his wife. He even loves her young son. His family is convinced Amy
doesn’t love him. She wants a meal-ticket and has found one in him.
Can he trust her love or is he deluding himself? If her love is a lie, he
could marry quickly and regret it soon afterward.

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Reggi’s writing:
   “Fast-paced, plot-driven conflicts and characters that you can’t tear yourself away lift it from an ordinary story to a darn good read,” New York Times Best-Selling Author Mimi Barbour.
    An author of romantic suspense and contemporary romance novels, Reggi writes tales of love lost and then found and stories of heroes and heroines who discover love and wonder if they'll live long enough to enjoy it. They control their panic and manage their passion as each fights to discover a hidden strength. Can they survive multiple ordeals and carry on to reach their goals and find love?
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