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                                 R. Ann Siracusa

It's not the destination that matters; it's the journey that counts. Travel To Exotic Foreign Lands For Romance And Intrigue with a novel by R. Ann Siracusa


R. ANN SIRACUSA has been writing fiction and non-fiction for over thirty years. While working in her chosen career of architecture and urban planning, and raising a family, she made time to travel and to write. This talented author combines those loves into novels that transport readers to exotic settings and immerse them in romance, intrigue, and foreign cultures…and give them a good laugh.

Today, she is retired, lives in San Diego, California, and writes full time (which is as many hours as an Italian husband, three grown children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild will allow on any given day).  She has been active in Romance Writers of America since 1985.

Her first novel, a mafia thriller, was published in 2008, and since then she has had over fifteen and three short stories published: five in the humorous romantic suspense series Tour Director Extraordinaire. 

Romantic Suspense, Mainstream action/adventure, contemporary romance, Time Travel., mystery and intrigue
                                THE LAST WEEKEND IN OCTOBER
                                                     Murder Mystery

Psychiatrist Mark LeBonge, driven by a strong sense of justice, arrives at the group home for convicted teenage sexual abusers, where his sister has worked the night shift…and finds her murdered. When police Lieutenant Art Krantz, primary on the case, ignores Mark's suspicions about one of the boys in the half-way house, Mark enlists his sister's roommate, Karen Mitchell, to help him identify the murderer.
Mark learns from Karen that Art Krantz and his sister had an affair several years ago, which she broke off because Krantz was married. To complicate matters, he also comes to believe the boy he suspected of the murder, is possibly innocent of the crime he was convicted for.
The complex twists and turns bring Mark and Krantz into conflict and put Karen in danger as they attempt unravel crimes and conspiracy starting at a group home and ending in high level politics.

                               ALL FOR A DEAD MAN'S LEG
               Book 1 of the Tour Director Extraordinaire Series

A dead tourist, a prosthetic leg, and a gorgeous secret agent...just another day in the life of a Tour Director.
Meet Harriet Ruby, a well-balanced MIT graduate with a degree in languages, whose life has been good but ordinary and predictable. Wanting new experiences before she settles down to a career and family, she accepts a position as a tour director in Europe.
Meet Will Talbot, a handsome Europol spy and covert operative for the US government with a dark troubled past, major trust issues, and dissociative amnesia. Driven by guilt over something he believes he did, he has a penchant for rescuing innocent victims caught up in dangerous circumstances.

Harriet’s first solo stint as a tour director in Spain and Morocco is going well until they get lost in the medina in Tangier. There, one of her tourists becomes ill. Harriet needs to find a doctor, can’t speak Arabic, and doesn’t know how to get out of the walled city. A handsome and mysterious stranger, Will Talbot, examines the tourist, pronounces him dead, and offers to help her smuggle the body out of Morocco. At this moment, Harriet’s once-predictable life turns upside down. Little does she know that getting out of Morocco is only the beginning of an incredible adventure in pursuit of murders, smugglers, terrorists, and a meaningful relationship.

It won't matter if we don't get out alive.
The second edition of the entire five-book
Tour Director Extraordinaire series is
being published, one every six months,
and started in January 2017.

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