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I went to nursing school and became an R.N. I didn't do much writing in those busy college days, but once I graduated the writing bug came humming around again. Sixty short stories, sixty rejections and many years later, I followed the advice of a writing teacher and tried my hand at a novel. I decided to target category romance because the books were short and I wasn't so sure I could write anything longer.

My first novel did snag an agent, but it never got published. My second book, however, took the contest circuit by storm and garnered me nineteen awards. I sold Raleigh and the Rancher to Silhouette Romance in 1994. I wrote ten more books for that line under the pseudonym Laura Anthony before I found my real love - comedy. I wrote six books for Harlequin Duets until the line folded (I'm still heartbroken) and I moved on to penning steamy romps for Harlequin's super sexy Blaze line and romantic adventure comedies for Warner Forever.
                                A Wedding for Christmas           
The whole town is ready for the holidays: The Cookie Club is
baking, Main Street glitters with lights, the carolers sing . .
.There’s even a Christmas wedding.
When bodyguard Ryder Southerland sees his best friend’s
sister Katie at an L.A. Christmas party, he mistakes the slinky
blonde for a celebrity stalker and tackles her. Then they tackle
each other . . . at his place. The next morning, Katie’s gone, and
Ryder tells himself it’s for the best. It isn’t. Now, one Christmas
later, Ryder’s falling for the woman he’s been missing in the
town he hasn’t missed at all . . .
Katie Cheek’s outgrown the romantic fantasies she had about
Ryder when she was fifteen. Katie’s packed their hot night away
in a box labeled “fling”-or tried to. But Twilight’s bad boy is the
best man in her brother’s wedding. And up-close and personal,
Ryder’s impossible to ignore. So Katie can either go into hiding-
or surrender to Christmas magic.
Category romance, funny, adverturous, cowboy
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