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Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner, a #1 New York Times crime thriller novelist, began her career in food service, but after catching her hair on fire numerous times, she took the hint and focused on writing instead.  A self-described research junkie, her work as a research analyst for an international consulting firm parlayed her interest in police procedure, cutting edge forensics and twisted plots into a streak of internationally bestselling suspense novels.

With over 22 million books in print, Lisa is published in 30 countries.  Her success crosses into the small screen with four of her novels becoming movies and personal appearances on television shows.
Romantic Suspense
                                                 Look for Me

The home of a family of five is now a crime scene: four of them savagely murdered, one -a sixteen-year-old girl-is missing. Was she lucky to have escaped? Or is her absence evidence of something sinister? Detective D.D. Warren is on the case-but so is survivor-turned-avenger Flora Dane. Seeking different types of justice, they must make sense of the clues left behind by a young woman who, whether as victim or suspect, is silently pleading, Look For Me.

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