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Kelley Heckart
Historical fantasy romance, Captivating...Sensual...Otherworldly

Kelley writes historical romances with fantasy/paranormal elements. Her stories reflect her passion for ancient and medieval time periods, storytelling and the supernatural. Inspired by the ancient Celts, her tales are filled with fierce warriors, bold women, otherworldly creatures, magic and romance.
Historical-Fantasy-Paranormal Romance
                                          AWAKENING THE WOLF
                                      SHADOW-WALKERS BOOK 2
                                       (This is a standalone story.)

Do you like paranormal romances with hunky werewolves and a murder mystery? Rock Star meets Supernatural in this exciting new series. The women are the rock stars here, and they command the supernatural alpha males in their lives. Grab a copy now and enter the sexy, scary, and thrilling world of Shadow-walkers.

She doesn’t believe in love.

The controversial, promiscuous lead singer of the all-female hard rock band Hecate’s Fury, Cyn has vowed never to commit to one man. She’s also a Shadow-walker, whose Wolfsangel rune binds her to werewolves.

When a werewolf mysteriously dies in her bed after a BDSM session, she tries to hunt down his killer. It’s no easy task since the werewolf had a lot of enemies within his pack and a rival one.

Even her unrestrained heart can be captured.

Two charming, handsome werewolves vie for her attentions. Both are suspects. As the clues lead to a shocking discovery connected to her past, Cyn realizes she is tied to these werewolves by more than her mystical rune. Even if she opens her heart to love, werewolves are monogamous. She is not.

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Series blurb:
The five young women of Hecate’s Fury are more than rock stars.
They are Shadow-walkers, chosen to help the supernatural world.
There’s just one problem-no one trained them.
Awakening the Wolf is .99 for a limited time until 3/3.

Well, my writing took another turn. What I had planned has been put aside for a different series, which is based on my time as a rock and roll bassist. I finally found inspiration from my past, and I added a paranormal element to create a series featuring five young women in a controversial hard rock band who have supernatural powers. The first book in my Shadow-walkers series, Awakening,
is available now on Amazon. I'm really excited
about this series because it's true to my heart.
Plus, there will be music to go along with this
book series. Yep, I'm writing and recording songs
again with my husband. Awakening the Wolf,
Shadow-walkers 2, is published. LINK

A perma-free, Christmas-themed short story
is available. Check the Free Reads page for
information. Title: A Winter Solstice Kiss
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