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Judy Baker writes historical western romances/suspense, and her alternative-ego, Anna Sugg writes contemporary/suspense romance and paranormal novels. Her favorite holiday is Christmas and she’s thankful for all her fans for her Santa Series appearing on the top one hundred Amazon list of Best Sellers in Holiday Fiction.
She’s been involved in many writing groups throughout her writing career, including RWA, URWA, and the Music City Romance writers of America in Nashville, Tennessee. She also taught a class during the Florida RWA Conference, and classes for adult writers with the West Jordan Community Education District.
Baker grew up in Tennessee, but has lived much of her life in the west. Moving to Nevada to teach school, she was compelled to write the stories that filled her head. She now lives in Utah with her husband and two furry kids, a Lakeland terrier named Stanley, an Airedale named Charlie, and Bruce, her eighteen pound cat. When not writing, she enjoys RVing with her family, stargazing through one of her many telescopes, digging in her wildflower garden, and golfing, or just swinging on the patio while plotting her next story. She’s also an avid fan of coffee, tea and the ocean.
Judy Baker: Historical Romances
Anna Sugg: Contemporary Romances
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
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Anna Sugg
Judy Baker
                                                    Better She Lie
She’s a schoolmarm with integrity, but in truth, she’s a liar and a

He’s a Bounty Hunter, naturally suspicious, especially when it comes
to the new schoolteacher.

To escape the danger of a ruthless man, Lenora Whitfield boards a
westerly bound train disguised as a man. She can’t believe her luck
changes when an opportunity arises. She takes on the identity of a
schoolteacher moving to Silver Sage Creek, Texas, but there’s one
problem-it comes with a baby. Can she pull it off? Can she become a
lady, a schoolmarm, and a mother?
One lie leads to another causing her to doubt herself, especially
when the suspicious bounty hunter takes a liking to her. Can she
keep up this life of deceit?
How can Ethan Langdon fall for a beautiful fraud? Unable to keep his
emotions from deepening, he discovers one lie after another. He’s
frightened for her when her web of deception lead her to the hanging

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