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Joan Reeves
"It's never too late to live happily ever after."

Joan Reeves is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance. Her books are available as ebooks, print books, and audio books. Several of her books are available in French through Bragelonne, her publisher in France. Joan also writes nonfiction to share what she has learned in life. She hopes you will love her books and tell your friends about them. Please do her a favor by leaving a short review for the books you love. Sign up for Joan's mailing list and be the first to know about new books, her Readers Club, and giveaways:  LINK

All of Joan's novels have the same underlying premise: "It's never too late to live happily ever after." Joan lives her happily ever after in the Lone Star State with her hero, her husband. They divide their time between a Houston townhouse and a small house in the foothills of the Texas Hill Country where they grow fruit trees and wine grapes--despite the hordes of tunneling gophers, trespassing skunks, herds of deer, howling coyotes, and the occasional snake or two.
Contemporary Romance
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             HEAT LIGHTNING, Book 1 of Outlaw Ridge, Texas

Secrets, lies, passion. What Tessa doesn't remember may mean the death of her.

Her husband found her, claimed her, rescued her. David’s touch makes Tessa throb. Desire flashes between them like heat lightning on a summer night. Her body knows David, but when she looks at him, he is a stranger to her. Not a flicker of memory is left of him or their life together since she awakened from a coma.

Amnesia has left her with nothing but questions. Who is she? Why does David seem to hate her even as he pulls her into his arms? What is he hiding? How can she trust him when her gut says, Trust no one?

As her love for David grows, so does her feeling of foreboding--as if something awful is watching and waiting.