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     ENTICE ME EXCERPT - Werecat Love
                     by Janice Seagraves


Werecat Love:

Morgan stumbled into the Mountain Lion ski lodge. Safe at last. She barely glanced at the
rustic, rough-pine interior, as she limped past the homey furniture. Her goal came into
view, the huge stone fireplace. Why the hell do I let myself get talked into these things?
What was I thinking? I’ve never skied in my life.

She removed her soaked gloves, laid them on the hearth, then spread her frozen fingers
toward the warmth of the crackling fire. Snow packed into the creases of her ski-pants,
jacket, and boots, but soon melted in the glorious heat. God, all this so Joan can flirt with
her Italian stallion.

When the circulation returned to her icy body parts, causing a pins and needles
sensation, she let out a slight whimper, then turned to let the roaring fire roast her rump.
Morgan found herself staring into the amused green-eyed gaze of a man who sat on a
leather chair. With wide cheekbones and a face that tapered down to a narrow chin, he
was definitely worth a look. His long legs stretched out, emphasizing his lean build and
athletic frame. He was attractively attired in hunter-green bib ski-pants, and matching
sweater. His shock of bright orange-red hair stood on end. How unusual, it’s the same
color as that cat I saw last night.

His full sensuous lips formed into a lazy smile. “You’re shivering as if you’re frozen right

“Oh, I am.” She didn’t doubt he had checked her out when her back was to him. Morgan
stopped rubbing her chilled behind, when she realized he watched her with unwavering
attention. She wrapped her arms around herself instead.

“What you need is a hot toddy.” He straightened. “It’s excellent for when you have been
exposed to the cold or had a shock to the system.”

Morgan arched an eyebrow. “Are you buying?”