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     ENTICE ME EXCERPT -Riviera Rendezvous
                             by Gemma Juliana



Every nerve in Amalie’s body screeched as she slipped unseen inside the door of the staff captain’s office. Pushing her hair behind her ears, she quickly assessed the room. There was no evidence of a safe.

Where does he keep the staff passports? She hurried around his desk, her shaking hands pulling open drawers and rifling through the contents. Panic rose in her throat and sweat broke out on her forehead as coiled tension shot from her body.

If he found her in his office… She tried to block the thought. She knew what she could expect. She’d heard it from several female crew members.

She had to find her passport and disembark today in Genoa. She couldn’t stay another night on this cruise ship.

The Stella del Mare was magnificent, but the wicked officer whose office she had just broken into was a perverted sex maniac whose cruelty knew no boundaries. No doubt years spent at sea in international waters had led him to believe he was a power unto himself and needed to obey the laws of no land.

She’d rather die than allow him to add her to his trophy photo album. She would fight him to the bitter end.

A soft click made her freeze. He’d entered the room, and caught her red-handed, even if all she was doing was looking for her own property that he continued to withhold from her. She stepped away from her search.

Without so much as a word, he advanced around the desk that dominated the small room, cornering her in a way that offered no hope of escape.

“I knew you wanted me to plough it into you.” His words were heavy as his hands pinned her against the wall, groping her breasts. “I’ve watched your provocative dances on stage. You’ve got it coming.” She squirmed as he tried to force his tongue down her throat. Ugh. She shoved him away, but he came right back at her like a boomerang, his intentions clear as he ground himself against her body. “Playing hard to get? Bend over.”
He started to undo his belt.

Amalie hadn’t practiced her kung fu moves in ten years, but they instinctively flooded to mind. She centered herself, angled around to elbow him in the gut, and then raised her leg to deliver a fierce front kick to the groin with all the strength she could muster. He doubled over, roaring in agony, his hands cupped over his nuts. As he half-turned, he saw the open desk drawers.

“You thieving slut!” Fury blended with pain, and revenge burned in his eyes.

“I took nothing,” she shouted, fleeing without a backward glance. “All I wanted was my passport.” She had to escape the ship before it set sail. She’d rather take her chances in a foreign city than stay on board with this abusive monster.

“Stop that woman…stop her!” Drakos roared in a thick Greek accent as he hobbled along behind her in pursuit, his outraged voice projecting a blend of authority and indignation.

“She’s a thief!”

The staff captain’s furious words stalked Amalie from behind, piercing her back like darts. She had awakened the wrath of the most feared man on board.

Breathless, she continued to weave in and out of the crowd of passengers waiting on the wide deck to disembark after their seven day cruise.

No matter how fast she moved, she couldn’t shake him off.