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Elysa Hendricks
"Love will hunt you down!"

Elysa Hendricks is 5'6" tall. She has curly hair and brown eyes. She's an author, a wife, a mother and a daughter. Everything else is subject to change without notice.

After trying her hand at a variety of careers, insurance underwriter, video store owner, home day care and domestic goddess for other people, Elysa Hendricks, a longtime reader sat down to write a short contemporary novel. When her heroine turned out to be a winged, telepathic alien, Elysa decided she enjoyed writing stories set in different places, times and realities.

While living in north east Illinois she helped found the Windy City Chapter and the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapters of Romance Writers of America and taught workshops on writing at writer's conferences and at local community colleges.
Futuristic/Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Western Historical and Contemporary
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                                          SULLIVAN'S SUMMER

Widower Teague Sullivan needs a nanny for his two young daughters. Though he’s attracted to the beautiful woman he nearly ran down on a country back road, he’s not sure she’s suitable. Before he can object he’s outvoted by his meddling family, and Kimberly DePalma is installed in his new home.

After hiding from her overbearing father for nearly a year, city girl Kimberly is tired of running from life. When offered the job of nanny for two adorable little girls, she finds herself falling not only for country life, but for their handsome father.

Can a man who’s given up on love and a woman in hiding find love during SULLIVAN’S SUMMER?

" A charming short romance that features a small town, close-knit family, characters so real you're sure you'd know them if you met them on the street, and smooth, easy-to-read writing. A perfect beach read or for when you want to be entertained but aren't up for a deep, long novel."

" Another enjoyable story by Elysa Hendricks, part of her Council Falls Series. Sullivan's Summer brings you life in a small town, and the trials of a single father in a relationship with his new, beautiful nanny. City girl meets the country man with two young daughters. This book will make you smile as Elysa Hendricks works her magic in bringing her characters to life".