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Carey Abbott Safari Heat Cover Artist And Owner of Safari Heat Book Tours and Author Services


We do anything from children’s books to Erotica. So all genres are welcome.
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Safari Heat/Carey Abbott
Safari Heat is a group of freelancers put together by Carey Abbott to help indie authors. We know how hard it is to be an indie author and be able to afford quality services. Our goal is to make sure every author no matter their budget can receive beautiful covers, great editing and so much more. We also work with NYT Bestselling Authors and Publishers as well. Customer service is top priority to Safari Heat Book Tours and Author Services.  All freelancers are experienced and personally vetted by Carey.

Carey Abbott is a graphic designer; cover artist and paranormal suspense writer. She has had many of her authors go on to the NYT Bestselling list and they swear it was the cover that started it all. One of her covers was nominated for the Rone award and received an honorable mention. She has had a cover in lights in Time Square and one soon to be a movie. Her main goal is making authors visions come to life.
Description of Services
Description of Services and Pricing:
1. Premade Ebook Covers: $15.00-25.00 and Occasionally I Run $10.00 Cover Sales
2. Personalized Covers Designed Just for Your Story: $60.00-$300.00
3. Print Covers: $25.00 For Covers I’ve Made Only Other Cover Cost More.
4. Cover Edits: $5.00 and up. I will not edit another cover artist’s work. That’s a hard rule.
5. Graphic Design Membership: (Great for Publishers) $25.00-$300.00
6. Blog Hops: $25.00
7. Blog Tours: $50.00-$150.00
8; Blog Headers: $50.00
9. Blog Design: (Blogger Platform Only) $140.00-$160.00 Add on’s Can Cost More
10. Where to find Honest Reviews: Free Service.
11. Editing: $1.00 Per Page
12. Formatting: $20.00-$60.00 Add on’s Cost More.
13. Author Graphic Design Packages: $75.00-$200.00
14. Website Design: $100.00-$200.00 Add on’s Cost more.
15. Book Blurbs: $25.00
16. Bookmarks and Business Cards: $35.00-$40.00
17. Need Blogs to Sign Up to Host Blog Tours: Host do not get paid but will get added traffic to their site.
18. If a service you need isn’t listed don’t hesitate to ask if we can meet your needs. Whatever they might be. You never know until you ask.

Find all the info on our services on our website by following the link below:

"Carey Abbott and Safari Heat have always been an absolute joy to work with. Carey is professional, competent, empathetic and very reasonable both in terms of price and her willingness to work with authors to realize their vision. Without reservation, I would recommend Safari Heat to any author seeking fairly priced, high-quality covers which stand up against the work of just about anyone else in the business."

--J.S. Wayne, author of Dusk and Fantastic Dominants and Where to Find Them: A Player's Guide to the Ultimate RPG
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